Established in 2013, Malocco develops every single day. If you want to understand what the word “Malocco” means, you waste your time. It’s a made up word, easy to remember, hard to forget. Right branding can be half of a battle indeed. The word Malocco sounds like молоко (milk in Russian), but that was not the intention.

Alright, enough about the name. Today Malocco has three cafes, out of which one on Saryan str. is a bakery too. The main cafe is positioned in Cascade, Yerevan’s golden triangle of cafes, wine bars and clubs.

The design and overall styling of the cafe leaves you speechless from the first sight. No wonder, the owners are a couple with a designer husband and a stylist wife. The design concept is in French Provence way, but not only. Some additional, modern elements in furniture, greening and overall simplicity give an interesting and tasteful look to the place. I would not call the place minimalistic though.

Yerevan’s glamorous people, having no idea about the style, but knowing Malocco’s style is cool, often gather here. You can see posh-dressed girls, some show-off champions and narcissist guys, however, I should say the place (thankfully) is not being influenced by this clientele. Malocco keeps it cool and decent.

Food is very tasty, but drinks, especially fruit waters and lemonade in summers, are even better. The menu in pictures vividly shows you what to expect, and the staff is super helpful (when it notices you), it speaks Armenian, English and Russian.

I would recommend all breakfasts in the menu, tried all, liked all. For healthy eaters, try curd with dried fruits, cinnamon, honey and pumpkin seeds.

Coffee and desserts are fine, a cafe with bad coffee can simply rename itself to McDonalds. Malocco is far from it.

In summers you better sit outside, under the trees, but there is a no smoking hall inside too.

Right, what else. Prices are affordable, WiFi is free and good. If you plan a dinner with friends or family, I would recommend to call them [I mean Malocco, not friends] first, the place is always full in the evenings.