Photo courtesy Streets of Yerevan

What is Yerevan and why all those who were born in Yerevan are crazy about this city? What is special there? Why all Yerevantees (or Yerevaners) are so proud and have their eyes shining when Yerevan is the topic of discussion.

If you think I have the answer – I don’t. All I can say is I am sure if every Yerevantsee wrote a book about his or her life, the biggest chapter of that book would be about the city of Yerevan. If not the whole book.

Yerevan is not only about its beautiful buildings, cozy parks, charming cafes and special, unique style. It’s about how Yerevantsees interact with all that. I would describe this motion as perpetual, sweet hypnosis.

Yerevantsees, by default, cherish their city, this is probably why the city is super secure. Street crime in Yerevan is zero, it simply doesn’t exist.

Yerevantsee men also cherish women, almost as much as the city. You can bet every Yerevantsee would stand and offer a seat to a lady, would hold a door so she can enter first, would help with anything that’s needed. Having manners and being a gentleman is in the DNA, it’s like a Yerevaner’s trademark.

Are Yerevantsees different from average Armenians? With all due respect and love, they are. But don’t worry, every Armenian living in Yerevan for some time gets infected with this disease, falls in love with the city and starts living and behaving like Yerevantsee. It is inevitable. And thus, the quantity of those loving this sunny city grows.

To say Yerevan is a gem in every season of the year is to say nothing. Warm summers and cold, snowy winters give the city a special flavor. Walking on bright and friendly streets in summer, you will see how the city echoes you with “its hot, right?” and in winter you will feel how Yerevan winks and says “what about a tea in a cafe around the corner?”. And you wink back, because it’s love.

Springs and falls in Yerevan are probably the best. Yerevan is a young, cheerful chick in spring and it’s an elegant, classy lady in fall.

What’s interesting about Yerevantsees, they talk to the city. Mostly they confess love, but sometimes they ask questions or simply say “Good morning”. Mornings.., another magical, mystic time in Yerevan. Try to walk in any part of the city when it’s getting lighter. That’s the sacred time when Yerevan confesses love to you.

Although relatively small, Yerevan’s neighborhoods have heir own flavor and style. Each is unique, each is magnificent. When I was a little boy, we would play football in an informal tournament between Yerevan’s neighborhoods. That was not just a game. That was a path of proving your true feelings towards the city. Like, “Look Yerevan, look and see, we play the best, we and only we are your devoted sons.”

Yerevan…..Wisdom accumulated within the city during 2700+ years mixes with never ending energy and passion. Proud and monumental buildings neighbor super modern, stylish and shining corporate offices and green residential areas. Old squares salute young Yerevantsees and discreetly, invisibly give them what only this city and its citizens feel and understand.

Can love be eternal? Every Yerevantsee knows the answer.

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