The two

And this is for my English speaking compatriots.

The Sasna Tsrer is clearly a terrorist group, no other definition is used in the modem legal dictionary for actions like that. Taking hostages, killing a policeman, etc. And please do not try to use the pre-history of the case to cover the crime. Whatever you fight for, killing fellow Armenians or limiting their freedom by taking them as hostages is a crime. 

I am thinking of three protests against the regimes much stronger and much bigger than Serj Sargsyan’s regime. 

Gandhi was fighting for independence against British Empire

Mandela was fighting for human rights against apartheid regime 

Martin Luther King was fighting for the rights of black people against then US government.

None of these three heroes used violence. Just an opposite. 

Why did this happen in my Armenia? Because Zhirair Sefilyan is not Gandhi, Mandela or Martin Luther King. He is very far from those three.

Or is it because Serj Sargsyan is stronger than British Empire, apartheid regime and US government? Hah! If that’s the case, he should stay, we have lots of external challenges to address. 

Now. A group of terrorists takes a police station in the suburbs of Yerevan with force, kills a policeman and positions there. They demand the resignation of the president. Imagine, a police station and a resignation of the whole government of the country. 

Or what?? Will they start killing the other hostages one by one as well?

They did not have any food storage, they simply did not think they might need food, now they are starving. They probably thought Serj Sargsyan would immediately resign. Imagine some 30 starving men with guns and 4 hostages. 

And now the most important thing. Why do we want Serj to resign? To make Armenia great again, right? (I know this sound ironic nowadays, but). So what does this group offer for making Armenia great? Because the resignation itself will not help anything. The resignation itself will not increase salaries and pensions, will not triple our army, will not stop our neighbors from attacking us, will not help peasants and businesses, doctors and teachers. So what does this group offer to address numerous challenges the country has? Have you heard of any tangible solution? I haven’t, all I heard is they want to take the power to bring order. Well, good luck. 

I respected Zhirair for his past, Serj and Zhirair had the same past. But today they both have the same future, with blood on their hands. Instead of negotiating about Armenia’s future, serious benefits for the country, he now negotiates about his own freedom by holding hostages. That’s why he is not Gandhi, Mandela and King. 

As for Serj, this is the beginning of his end. Serj will not be the guy anymore, his party will never be as powerful as it is today, this is the peak. They still do not understand it, but it already happens, mark my words. 


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