Stay hungry, stay foolish

“Stay hungry, stay foolish” said Steve Jobs. And he was right.

Hunger for food, knowledge and adventure forces us to try new things, challenge life “truths”, and our foolishness makes us brave and pushy enough.

But Steve Jobs didn’t mean to stay hungry and foolish for all your life. And die hungry and fool. That’s not the final goal. What he really meant is use those moments of inspiration and creativity for your own benefit, for the benefit of your community, city, country. 

Steve’s whole life is the proof of his words. He was hungry for change, he wanted to change the world and he was fool to believe it was possible. And he succeeded. 

Take simple hunger for food. It won’t let you stay home and do nothing. It will force you to search, find, explore. Too much brain, on the other hand, will tell you easy ways out and quick wins, but you will stop exploring then. 

So, the ideal combination found by Jobs for constant discoveries, new creations and well-deserved success is hunger + no easy money. And yes, when the path is hard the final fruit is so much sweeter. You can appreciate all the colors and taste then. 

Otherwise, easy come, easy go..

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