How British media pretends to be independent


On April 24, 2016 George Clooney visited Yerevan, Armenia to take part in the commemoration of the victims of the Armenian Genocide and handing over Aurora prize to those who work for humanity today. As the world knows, the first Genocide of the 20th century left a horrific trace of 1,5 million Armenian children, women and elders raped and slaughtered by Ottoman Turks. Just because they were Armenian.

George is one of the biggest supporters of recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Many democracies, including France, The Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Italy, Uruguay, Poland, Sweden, etc. recognized Armenian Genocide and condemn such crimes against humanity.

But not the British government. Or British media, behaving like a state-financed propaganda entity.

Two British media giants, The Guardian and Telegraph thought they should write about Clooney’s humanitarian activity, but without mentioning a word about Armenian Genocide. Both quoted Clooney’s words, but never those about Armenian Genocide.

Here are the links:

You need to be a real propaganda machine to write about the event that takes place in the capital of Armenia, on April 24 (the Genocide commemoration day) and maneuver cleverly to skip mentioning the Armenian Genocide.

The Guardian, having no other choice, quoted Clooney’s words about the Armenian Genocide in brackets. Looks really pathetic. Here is what Guardian writes in the very last sentence of the article: During the prize ceremony, Clooney called for the world to recognize the “Armenian genocide”.

One may wonder if Clooney showed brackets with his fingers specifically for British media. I knew Telegraph and The Guardian are officially world’s hypocrisy champions, but The Guardian was giving some fractions of hope in the past, by this article, for example:

Apparently, not anymore. The George Orwell’s “1984” is here. We do experience dark times in British media today.

Dear British media workers. As you may know, media is meant for giving information, not misleading, maneuvering, playing diplomacy, etc. You now behave like Russia Today. Wake up and learn from your Swedish, Canadian, German, French, Dutch or US colleagues.

It’s because the Armenian Genocide is not yet recognized by some governments, ISIS slaughters civilians today.

I just want to finish this article by another quote from George Clooney’s yesterday’s speech: “Hitler once famously said: “But who remembers Armenia?” The answer is the whole world. That’s who”.

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