You do it or you don’t. Simple as that.

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This probably should have been posted in the Thoughts section, but it touches upon some business aspects of our reality.

Lately I was watching an interview with a prominent spyurkahye and he was trying to communicate the following thought, in short it would sound like “Armenia is not the best place for investment”. Well, tell me about it.

There is no secret, the best places for investment are markets like Dubai, China, other countries (other than Armenia) in Eastern Europe, etc. So, what is the point of speaking about obvious things?

Armenia has changed a lot within the last 25 years, and we have a cohort of young, bright individuals educated in US and Europe. By now we even have a generation who worked in different other countries and came back home. I mean, do we need someone to tell us about obvious things we already know?

If there is no solution offered, if there is no action taken, reminding everyone about the problems we know does not add any value. I can put a reminder on my phone and it will remind me about it every day.

Spyurk did a lot for Armenia. And does a lot. My point is the following:

If a spyurkahye looks at Armenia as only the place for investment, what is the difference between that spyurkahye and any other foreign investor? If a spyurkahye tells about problems without offering a single solution, what is the difference between that spyurkahye and hyastantsi who says “Երկիրը Երկիր չի” every time there is a problem?

Do you have a realistic solution? Offer it. Otherwise, thanks for the reminder, but I don’t need it.

Again, there is a whole generation of modern Armenians who brilliantly perform in US, Europe and Asia. And there is a generation of spyurkahye brothers and sisters who invested in Armenia without such “reminders”. It is sufficient to look at some projects like:

Dilijan International School




Zorah and many, many others…

Moreover, there are so many foreigners who successfully invested in Armenia and enjoy the fruits of those investments today.

So, you either do it in Armenia or you don’t. Simple as that.


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